TM Happy Hours

Through out the season, we host TM happy hours at Valley Lodge in Wilmette.

Come late, leave early, drop in for 5 min, stay long past it ends… whatever you want!

The Happy Hours are informal opportunities for TMs to talk with each other:

  • Discuss ideas
  • Ask questions
  • Share funny stories
  • Vent
  • Talk with people doing the same challenge as you
  • Talk with people working with kids the same age as yours
  • Hear what other teams are doing or how they approach things
  • Share the cool things your team has been doing
  • Get guidance
  • Get moral support
  • Become re-energized
  • Talk DI with other people who LOVE DI (especially if your spouse is tired of talking about
  • Meet some really cool people and enjoy sneaking out of the house for an hour or two

TM Happy Hours @ Valley Lodge in Wilmette at 8pm-9:30pm

  • Dates TBD

If you have suggestions about what days/what times you’d like the Happy Hours to take place, please email We are open to suggestions. We want these to work for you.

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