1st Meeting Agenda

What to do for our first meeting?

Here are two sample agendas:

The DI Example can be found in the Roadmap on pg. 23.


Here is my example:

  1. Name Game – Have the kids stand in a circle. Have each person pick an animal that begins with the same sound as their name. Have the student create a sound and motion that goes with that animal and then introduce themselves (i.e. Emily Elephant … use my arms to make a trunk and make an elephant sound). Do an “echo” where I would introduce myself and the whole group repeats after me. Repeat for each person. Then see if anyone can do the name/sound/motion for each person in the group. How many people can remember everyone?
  2. M&Ms game – Pass around a bowl of M&Ms. Have the students give themselves a spoonful of candy. Then for each piece of candy they selected, that is how many things about themselves they have to share with the group. They can only eat the candy after they have shared something they like, something they can do, etc.
  3. Name Crossword – Use index cards. Each person takes one index card for each letter in their name; write one letter per card. (My name is EMILY, so I need five cards). The TM lays down their name first. Then students have to add their name to the crossword following the crossword rules. See if you can fit the whole team’s name into the crossword. Try it again without the TM’s name. Can the kids do it on their own?
  4. Do one of the “Physical Play Activities” in the Roadmap (pg. 91)
  5. What is DI? Show the kids a DI video or pictures of DI. Explain what DI is: DI is a creative problem solving competition. We are going to work on a team to complete a big challenge – and you have to do it 100% on your own without any adult help! You may have to write a play where you create your own setting, props, and costumes. You may have to build an invention or a structure. You will also participate in an Instant Challenge where you go in a room and you have to solve a small challenge that you’ve never seen before in 6-8 min. You might have to build a bridge that holds weight or create a tall tower, or preform a skit… but you won’t know what it is until you get there. Then in March, you’ll go to a tournament where you showcase your solution to your big challenge and you can do an instant challenge. You’ll also get to see other kids solutions to their big challenges.  (FYI — I mostly rely of photos… the photos are so much cooler than the written description). The winners of the tournament go on to State, and the winners of the state tournament go on to the Global Tournament where they compete with kids all over the world. There are kids in China,,Poland, and Brazil who are working on the exact same challenge that you are! How cool is that!
    Main Challenge; Instant Challenge; Tournament
  6. For kids 3rd grad and above, have them fill out the Individual Interest Inventory in the Roadmap pg. 94-97. (you will need to make photo copies or you’ll have to have read the items out-loud and have the kids jot their answers down on a separate piece of paper)
  7. Do an Instant Challenge. Select one from the Roadmap, Team Challenge Book, one of the DI instant challenge books, or the Rising Stars Challenge booklet. Make sure you debrief the challenge afterwards.  A list of potential things to talk about in a debrief (only discuss 1-3 of the following items): time management, teamwork, how were decisions made, how did the brainstorming process go, material management, communication, sticking to the rules, strategy for maximizing points, listening, planning, execution, etc.

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